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त्रिभुवन कोठारी (ज्योतिषी​)

ज्योतिष के ज्ञान को लोगो तक पहुंचाने के लिए इनके द्वारा निरंतर कार्य किया जारा हैं

“जो दे लोगों को सही मार्ग यही है ज्योतिष कार्य”

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Dr. Babita Bhandari

The writer has studied from College of Home Science,GBPUA&T Pantnagar. She feels that being a part of someone’s struggle can help in overcoming her never ending struggles of life . Her other interests include nature photography, novels and psychological studies.

Mamta Joshi

The writer has studied from Kumaun University Nanital.  Her interests include, to spread  Uttarakhand culture and she is also actively involved in teaching profession.

Ravindra Bhandari

The writer holds MA in English Literature from Jamia Milia University, New Delhi. He is a Teacher & Progressive Educationist and firmly believes that education with right direction can transform the society. His interests include Reading, Writing and Talking to old people.

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Divya Rani

The writer has studied from Kumaun University Nanital.  Her interests include, to spread  Uttarakhand culture .

Prity Kumari Singh

Hey..I m prity Kumari Singh. I study in Doon p.g college of agriculture science and technology,dehradun, uttrakhand. I love writing about new places. I want to make people aware of each and every place in uttrakhand before they visit their.


I have studied from University of Allahabad . I love reading, writing and to explore knowledge . I am a part time blogger. I strongly believe that A person can do anything if determined

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Piyush Kothyari

Founder of Lovedevbhoomi,         Creative Writer, Technocrat Blogger
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